Update main features and minor bug fixes.

Hello dears!

Here at Tmesis Studio we are working for you ;) 

While we're working on the full game, we're adding some general features to the title. We wanted to implement what we could in the Prologue, thanks to this update. 

- Custom cursors on possible actions

- Improvement of overall performance 

- Standardized camera movements 

- Fixed minor and non-impactful bugs 

Enjoy!! ;)


UniverseForSalePrologue.zip 530 MB
Sep 09, 2021

Get Universe for Sale - Prologue

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Alas, the


UniverseForSalePrologue.zip 530 MB
Sep 09, 2021

is a non-clickable link :(

Thanks! Do you guys have a youtube channel or something where we can follow your development?

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Hi dear! Here's Federico

Thank you for your message!
We have Instagram and Twitter pages and I'll link you here down below but, since we're just in 2 in doing pretty much all the videogame, we actually don't have so much time to often update social media. Btw we'll trying to do our best to keep you updated :)



Have a nice weekend! :)