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A sci-fi narrative experience about human relationships and self-acceptance, follow the nameless Master, a mysterious cultist and Lila the universes vendor.

Walk through Jupiter's bazaars, meet absurd characters with incredible stories to tell, and craft your own stories with Lila's power to create custom universes.

The game features:

• Immerse yourself through a picturesque, full hand-drawn world, highly inspired by the European's sci-fi comics.

• Discover the past of mysterious characters and religions to achieve enlightenment.

• Relax and drink an alien tea listening an original soundtrack

• Create personalized universes in a chill-out atmosphere.

Writing design and art 

Zeno Colangelo - @ZenoCola

Federico Chiummento - @builders_labs

Guglielmo Diana@GuglielmoSdiana

English translation
Marco Camaiti


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StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(72 total ratings)
AuthorTmesis Studio
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Made withConstruct
TagsAtmospheric, Comics, Construct 2, Female Protagonist, Point & Click, Relaxing, Sci-fi, Story Rich
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Italian


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UniverseForSalePrologueWin.zip 257 MB
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For anyone who's curious: the game is being released on November 16, according to Steam!

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This is INSANE, I was shocked by the quality and I'm not only talking about the graphics but also the storyline, the world building... the talent is perspiring.

I hope it will be out soon and I hope you will make more games!

I loved it and I have no words to express how impressed I am with this, I truly don't. I am in complete awe and I will be impatiently waiting...

Wow! Thank you for this hype my dear :)

The game will be released on Steam in Q4 2023, we're almost done!

Don't forget to wishlist it on Steam :) 

So much thank you!

Federico from Tmesis Studio

Still really looking forward to this game, whenever it's complete!!


Wait until this autumn and you'll be happy :-)

We're close!

Federico from Tmesis Studio

okay, so, it says the full game is coming soon. WHEN IS SOON??? just kidding, I really like the unique story telling tho. Can't wait for the full game


Be patient dear Dotto ;) We still don't have a precise date but it will be something around Autumn 2023!
Thank you for your support :)

Federico from Tmesis Studio

Hi there ! This looks like a very intriguing game. The artstyle, the sound design, but especially the narrative and dialogues, that looks very promising ! Just saw you found a publisher, that's some great news !!

Hope to see more about you, very excited to see what you have to offer :)

Thank you for your support dear! We're working hard to offer a great final experience:)

I hope you'll like it!


Federico from Tmesis Studio


ever since i played this game i cannot stop thinking about it. it has changed my concept of realities and i cant wait for the full version. 

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Hi! Zeno here... sorry for the waiting, I missed the comment!
Anyway, I am very happy that our game has so influenced you!
I assure you that the full game will be at least 10 times more intense :D
Soon there will be news about it ;)

been waiting for the full game for years. i need an estimated release date! :(


That's so sweet from you! :) 

We are working hard to finish the entire development. In Q3 2023 will be released but you'll have a precise date in the next few months! Believe in us :) 

Federico C. from Tmesis Studio


Really glad to hear it!! I've also been waiting eagerly for this game!


Absolutely brilliant. I love this universe so much

I don't mind waiting for the full game... I can even cope with WINE-wrestling to play it... But may I first see the demo everybody's raving about, please?

(No, I can't download it on Steam; Steam asks to download Steam first and that's not an option :(( )

Hello dear!

The prologue will be available on Itch.io again at the end of the month! 
Btw you can download it on Steam, check it out there :)

Thank you for write us!!!:)

Federico from Tmesis Studio

Nope, can't. The first thing it asks is "Do you have Steam or do you need Steam?", which is a sort of a leading question that ignores my answer of "I don't have and don't want Steam" :)

Ah, well, next month it is... Thanks for the reply ;)

Oh sorry dear! I answer in a hurry :) 

Thanks for waiting! See you at the end of August then!:)


I was wondering if you guys had an update on this game. It's is a truly unique, fascinating game that I check back on every so often. If there's a preorder option somewhere that might help advance its development, I'd be happy to preorder it.


Hello dear! Thank you for sweet pressing :)

We actually found a publisher and we're developing the full game. The release date will be about Q2/Q3 2023 :)

Follow us on social for more info! Soon we'll start to update them more often!

Thank you for your warm comment, we really appreciate it :)

So glad to hear it!

Amazing art & an intriguing story, looking forward to the full release. And I hope we'll be able to pet the lomri. :) Maybe even get one as a pet. 

beautiful, can't wait for the full version

That was great! If you need a French translation I'm interested 

When I opened up the game demo, I think my jaw dropped from how stunning the art and animation was. Playing further into the game, the characters and the settings were extremely fascinating and I loved talking to the NPC's and learning more about the world. I was so sad when the game ended so abruptly but I can't wait to see more when the game releases!

This game is absolutely amazing! Played it with my sister and we were so upset to see it end so soon. The story line, characters and aesthetics are so unique and we're looking forward for the full release!


adding to Steam wishlist! I chose the Podla Tea. This game has such a deep story, can't wait to try it. 

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Hello! GREAT prologue!
I don't have Steam, so I was wondering if you plan to release the full version here on itch, as well?

Hi dear!

I don't actually know because we're looking for a publisher and, if we'll find one, we'll discuss with him first!

Have a nice day!


Looks interesting. But Download/Installation via itch.io app doesn't work for me. Installation file can't be found.

Hi dear,

Here's Federico from Tmesis Studio! 

I use an old method to post the game folder on Itch.io and right now can be downloaded just via website.

Btw I'll fix this as soon as I can!

Thank you for your reporting!! :):)


Problem solved dear. Thanks again for reporting 😘



this game is amazing! I found this on steam and played it a while ago it's one of my favorite game's now! I can't wait until the game is fully released I'll definitely buy it! good luck! ^^


I found this game on steam a while back and played it. This is a gem! The girl character is just... something. The way she sees her powers and stuff... I don't want to spoil the experience, but if you have around 40 minutes of your day, play it. I can't wait for the full game.


great game 


I think this may be my most anticipated game of the next few years - even just the demo is a masterpiece and it was just what I needed. I'm so glad to see more and more pieces of media making scifi warmer and "cozier" (a term that will surely be watered down soon enough) and I love love love the look of Universe for Sale! I also just finished reading Becky Chambers' "A Psalm for the Wild-Built", so I also know that the combination of intriguing conversations over tea in a futuristic setting is something I can most definitely get behind. 

TLDR: I am looking forward to the full game, will buy it in a heartbeat and dread of the person I will become when it comes out, because I already cannot shut up about the demo when I am around my friends : )

Hi mirimiri!

 Yours is one of the nicest comments we've ever read, it makes us want to keep working on the game just for you. :D

Thank you soo much for your kind words

Ps. We never heard about Becky Chambers, but sounds interesting, we'll take a look!



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Hi Dear! 

Here's Federico from Tmesis Studio!

Nope, it will be a paid one. Between 10-15€.

Did you enjoy it??

Best wishes!


I fell in love with the game, with the art style and the potential it has! I'm definitely playing the full game when it comes out!


yoo is the game completely hand drawn it is so sick. i replayed it for the story..cuz im a peace of shit and skipped the dialogues in first time srry bout that.. great game.

I'm simply speechless - congratulations - your work is  *amazing* - I'll buy it as soon as it's out

Man, I was so sad when the demo ended. I thought I was sitting myself down for an epic and/or somber tale!

I love the sound, art and dialogue, please release this faster! :)

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We swear to do it as soon as possible! :D

meanwhile, remember to add it to your wishlist!


I'm no good at writing reviews, but I just wanted to say that I liked this a lot and am excited for the full game!


Even a few words make us very happy! Thanks !!


Man... u should've called it "Universale"




It's wonderful! Can't wait for the full game to release!

Thanks!! be sure to add it to the steam wishlist!!


Done! ^^


Beautiful and wishlishted!! I can't wait till the game is released.

Great! <3

Awesome game! Loved the aesthetics and the dialog!
I'm looking forward for the complete game!

Also, if your team is interested, I can translate this into Spanish.

Thank you very much! for now, we don't have time to manage translations, but thank you very much for the interest!

this is a great game , i love how the character looks like especially the one that looks like chewbacca but i experienced some audio problem , that is ok overall this is a great demo . here is my gameplay 

Thank you for your feedback! So you don't have audio at all? Have you check in the options the audio levels? Please pm me at support@tmesistudio.com!


beautiful atmosphere! the teahouse seemed nice and cozy. very excited for the full game. *chef's kiss*


This is a great prologue. Immediately hooked.  Can't wait for what's next! 

Glad to hear that! be sure to add the final game to your wishlist! :D




It was amazing to see your reaction to the game! Thank you very much!!

Thank you for making it 


Hello! Will you release the official game here too?

The plan is that, but you can be sure it will be released on steam, add it to your wishlist for news!


the atmosphere, the music, the art... the super interesting teaser of a plot. like the story so far, what you built, is so clever. everything is so delectable. i'm so hype for the continuation.

Thank you soo much for your kind words!! if you haven't done it yet, be sure to add the game to your wishlist on steam!


This is super interesting nice work!

No Commentary 

Glad that you liked the game and thanks for the videogameplay!!

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